SCU Motorsport

The driving force behind motorsport education.
SCU Motorsport are developing a race series specifically for colleges and universities. At college level; which typically teaches the practical/’hands on’ skills that mechanics and practical engineers need, the race series will be linked to a formal qualification. For Universities the race series has classes that will allow modification of the car to support design and research that can be linked to Degree Level learning. SCU Motorsport are designing a single seater car specifically for the series, with a focus on learning, as none of the currently available single seater race cars meet the needs to support the programme. This will be the first race series in the world to focus on training mechanics and engineers, rather than driver development.


Do you need a degree to get a job in motorsport?
What is it that SCU Motorsport are developing?
How do you know that you are taking the correct approach?
Why have you not made the race series just for Electric Cars?
What is more important – practical experience or theoretical understanding?