Pravega Racing

The official combustion Formula Student team of Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore.
Pravega Racing is the official combustion Formula Student team for Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. We are a group of budding engineers who design, manufacture and race a single seater racecar in various International and National Formula Student events. We are constantly innovating and moving forward to reach towards our goal of being the best Formula Student team in the world.


Formula Student Germany


Formula Student Australasia


Formula Bharat


Formula Student Germany



Winners of Formula Bharat 2017.
Winners - BASF Best Use Of 3D Printing award at Formula Student Germany 2019.
Highest ever points scored by an Indian team in the Engineering Design event at Formula Student Australasia 2018.
Best Indian team at Formula Student Germany 2016.


An Insight Into How Pravega Racing Has Been Shaped By Formula Student
Exams, tests are a part and parcel of every student’s journey. The world we live in today is a highly competitive one with a huge number of students vying to outscore each other and give their best performance. For a student learning a subject in theory and applying it into practice is always a different experience. It is every aspiring engineer’s dream to one day be a part of a race team and work on building a race car. Now imagine working as part of a race team designing, developing and buildi
Meet Pravega Racing - One Of India's Best Formula Student Teams
India has at its disposal a very large, capable talent pool of young engineers who are currently pursuing their studies in one of India’s many eminent engineering colleges…while at the same time chasing their passion. Many students in engineering colleges across the world take part in race competitions which challenge aspiring engineers to test their theoretical knowledge and put it to practical use by designing, building, testing and finally racing a formula car! The Vellore Institute of Tech
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