IIT Bombay Racing

Revolutionize electric mobility in India focusing on sustainable technologies and innovations
IIT Bombay Racing is the official Formula Student (electric) team of the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. Team IIT Bombay Racing are the first college racing team from India to go electric and are pioneers in this field. IIT Bombay Racing are India’s best electric college racing team and regularly participate at Formula Student UK. Their aim is to revolutionize electric mobility in India focusing on sustainable technologies and innovations.







India’s first 3D printed titanium uprights (in collaboration with Wipro).
1 st college racing team to make an electric car in India (2012).
First Indian electric racing car with monocoque.
First Indian team to use an electronic differential.
Highest rank achieved by an Indian electric racing team at FSUK.
First Indian team to complete the endurance event at FSUK.
3 rd place among electric cars at the FSUK Autox event.
2 nd place in Cost Report at FSUK 2009.


IIT Bombay Racing Gears Up For Online Events
IIT Bombay has been the pinnacle of technical education in India for ages now. But, the students at IIT Bombay have the passion to go further and have also made their mark in the Indian Motorsport scenario as the best electric Formula Student team. The team was founded in 2007 and took part in its first race in 2008 at Formula Student Michigan. The crew raced with IC engines for a short while and shifted to electric motors in 2012 and also were the first college racing team in India to do so. II
IIT Bombay Racing - Pioneering India's Electric College Racing Circuit
Nestled in the heart of Mumbai is Powai, a buzzing neighborhood of high-rise buildings, corporate hubs and the prestigious IIT Bombay. IIT Bombay is a name synonymous with a lot of people not only in India but globally too. This prestigious institute has been at the forefront of engineering, science in India and is the most esteemed destination for any aspiring student who wants to venture into the world of engineering. IIT Bombay is a place reserved for the best of the best! It’s not surprisi