Monaco is famous for almost everything including the luxurious lifestyle that people have adopted there. From the F1 to super luxury yachts, Monaco is a paradise for every human on this planet. Monaco is the hotspot for every rich person in the world as people from over 100 nations have flocked to Monaco owing its low tax government. Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most well-known Grand Prix’ of all time owing to the star-studded audience that comes to have a piece of the Formula 1 action. Apart from the Monaco extravaganza, the Principality of Monaco is also the home of Venturi Automobiles.

Established in 1984, Venturi Automobiles was a dream of two engineers, Claude Poiraud and Gérard Godfroy, that became reality. The company was birthed to get into the Grand Tourisme market and was the first real attempt to build a sporty car in France post-war. No doubt that it was a noble and bold attempt made by these two men, but the market was not ready for that step yet and that led to very shaky sales figures. The brand was new, without enough financial backing and understaffed back then and it reflected in the sales figures for 16 years. Eventually, the company filed for bankruptcy in the year 2000 after they could not possibly recover from their debts. The company was bought by Monegasque Gildo Pallanca Pastor in the same year, who immediately changed the target for the company and diverted them towards electric-powered engines.

Venturi hold the title of giving us the first electric car in the world and this was done after Gildo bought the company. The Venturi Fétish was a two-seater, 241 BHP, electric sports car in the early-2000s and had a limited production run. Sacha Lakic was the designer of the very exclusive Fétish of which only 25 units were made. Venturi engineers also hold the title for being the first ones to create special car frames for battery integration issues. It can be said that the switch to electric power has been a positive boost for the company and till date, they have produced some of the most stunning and technologically advanced vehicles.

The Venturi Astrolab was the world’s first solar-powered electric hybrid car. It featured a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and 3.6 m2 of photovoltaic cells. Another car from the manufacturer was the Eclectic. This was the world’s first energy autonomous car that featured solar panels as well as in-built wind chargers. Even though the Eclectic looks more or less like a golf buggy, you cannot deny the unparalleled engineering that has gone behind it. The company also took part in Formula E in which the team was also partly owned by Leonardo Di  Caprio.

The switch to electric engines was a lifesaver for Venturi Automobiles and really unearthed the hidden gems that they had in their company. The engineers of the company deserve full credit for the innovations that they have brought to us and hopefully, we can see more and even better application of the technology in cars. The buyout of the company and extremely smart engineers have resurrected the Venturi brand, and we always look forward to new innovations from the brand.