Monza - Scuderia Ferrari - Michael Schumacher. The perfect recipe to create history. Today, Scuderia Ferrari is synonymous with Formula One. Every new kid on the block, even without prior knowledge in motorsports knows that if there is a Formula One season, Ferrari is going to be on the grid no matter what. Scuderia Ferrari was founded in 1929 and its partnership with Alfa Romeo saw a quickly gaining popularity among motorsport enthusiasts. However, the partnership did not last long and Ferrari decided to get into races individually and in 1938 decided to do so. The Scuderia Ferrari team has been in Formula One since its inception in 1950 and is as old as the championship itself. No other team on the grid can boast about its history like Ferrari.  

Ferrari not only has just participated in races but has won numerous championships to date and that too in exuberant fashion. Ferrari also brought home the World titles as soon as the Formula One championship started and the ‘52 and ‘53 trophies were the stepping stone to success for the team. Following that, 16 Constructor’s Championships, 238 wins and 15 Drivers’ Championships are what Scuderia Ferrari has in its pocket. If this does not count for a legendary team in motorsports, then nothing does. Even though the red Italians have had a few bad years till now, the Tifosi will never let them put their heads down. For without the Tifosi, Formula One as a whole would seem insipid.  

Scuderia Ferrari and Andreas Nikolaus Lauda is a love story for the ages. Both the entities have combined to form a lethal team that no one on the grid could beat. Niki Lauda was ‘The Driver’ that along with the Ferrari expertise soared above all the drivers on the grid and was nearly unbeatable. 57 Grand Prix, 23 poles and 15 races win. These numbers are here to prove how harmonious the relationship between Ferrari and Lauda was. The 1975 season, with the 312 T & Niki Lauda saw the team bag 5 victories and a world championship. And not to forget, the trasversale gearbox also made the headlines for Scuderia in that season.  

Schumacher and Scuderia also were a pairing that turned out to be lethal for all the other teams on the grid. Young Michael had conquered the Formula One scenario with Benetton and now had joined Scuderia Ferrari in 1996. Keeping all the controversy aside, Schumacher joined the Italians to rewrite Formula One history. It took 5 years for Schumacher and Ferrari to outright dominate the world of motorsports, but they did it. The F1-2000 was the car that won 10 times, secured 10 poles and 170 points in the hands of Schumacher. Shumi with Ferrari had 180 Grand Prix to his name, winning 72 of them and finishing on the pole 58 times. The contribution that Schumacher made to the motorsport world and especially Ferrari is enormous. 2001 saw Ferrari win the Drivers’ title as well as constructors and were then unbeaten till 2006. In this period, Scuderia won 6 Constructors’ championships and 5 Drivers’ Championships.  

Today, Scuderia Ferrari are not in the best of forms, but looking at their history, it is certain that once they bounce back, they will be unstoppable. The legacy of the team rides on the shoulders of the current racers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Both of them are promising individuals, but can they beat the utterly dominant duo of Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton this season? Only time will tell. Binotto and the boys in red have a long way to go, but surely they would be aiming for podium finishes to relive the glorious days