Today we are going to talk about Sin. Not the sin that you’ve committed, but something more enticing and with four wheels, the Sin R1 550. All the Asphalt 9 fans, looks like you’re on the edge of your seats as the car can only be obtained through the Legend Store. But coming back to reality, not many people know about the brand Sin Cars as it does not have a legendary Le Mans-winning car as Ford has. The brand is not even Italian to fixate everyone’s attention towards them. However, the brand has been founded in 2012 by  Bulgarian engineer and racing driver Rosen Daskalov in Britain. The car traces its remarkable heritage from Bulgaria and is the first homegrown supercar from Bulgaria. The company was first founded in Britain but due to a few disagreements between Daskalov and his British partner, Daskalov shifted base to Bulgaria.

The R1 550 looks like a mean girl with winged eyeliner coming at you for revenge. And that’s exactly what the car does when you unleash it on track. Even a minute lapse in concentration at high speed, the car will snap back at you and command for maximum engagement. The supercar is underpinned by a steel tubular spaceframe chassis which is cheaper to manufacture than a carbon fiber monocoque but is also heavier. Even though the R1 550 tips the scale at 1400 kg, it is still lighter by a 100kg than the Italian prancing horse, the Ferrari 488 GTB. The chassis delivers almost negligible understeer but, you can ruffle the rear end just by turning in too aggressively.

The supercar from Ruse uses Corvette’s 7.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine but is not a direct swap. Sin Cars have replaced the pistons and bearings with higher-spec items, added dry-sump lubrication, a bespoke part titanium exhaust, and have positioned the engine lower in the chassis. With these changes, the V8 fire-breather churns out 550 BHP and 637 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a manual gearbox with an option to upgrade to a sequential paddle-shift gearbox. The R1 550 with its V8 engine pumps out more horses than the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Also to note, if you are late for your office and you have to reach on time, the car does 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and flat out, you will be rushing by the trees at 300 km/h. Suspension duties are handled by double wishbones all round with in-board mounted springs and dampers (dampers can be upgraded to Ohlins).

A modern turbocharged engine cannot give you the goosebumps you get from the brawny naturally aspirated V8 in the R1 550 and that is a part of its charm. The Sin from Bulgaria might not be a supercar market killer, but will always be an exclusive car to own as the company will never build more than 30 units a year. Priced at €199,900 (before tax), the car is a tad bit costlier than the Ferrari 488 GTB, but in the eyes of the right buyer, it will always be priceless. After a product like this, we surely expect to hear from Sin Cars in the future.