When we talk about electric cars, the first name that pops right up in our minds is a Tesla. But when we talk about electric supercars, there aren’t many names that pop right up in our minds. Rimac Automobili has changed this for us in recent years. The first electric supercar accolade was well deserved by the company when they launched the exclusive Concept One. The company was founded in 2009 by Mate Rimac who rented suitable facilities just outside of Zagreb in Croatia. Mate decided to build an EV during one of his races when the IC engine of his BMW E30 blew up and since then he and his team at Rimac Automobili have given us two exceptional supercars.

Rimac Automobili first showcased Concept One in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show followed by the unveiling of the production version in 2016. The Croatian supercar manufacturer had first planned to sell 88 units of their bespoke Concept One, but then made it even more exclusive and finally sold only 8 units around the globe. Although, if weren’t for Richard Hammond, there actually would be a total of 8 cars on the road rather than 7. The famous journalist wasn’t happy with how the car performed during the Bergrennen Hemberg Hill Climb in Switzerland and then decided to take off with the car to test its flying abilities. Alas, the car was terrible at flying and the Grand Tour host went tumbling down the hill. The meteor of a car dug a few craters into the ground and luckily missed the house that was in its trajectory. In the end, one of the 8 supercars produced was turned into a charred pile of scrap.

The Concept One looks right out of a fairy tale with its swooping bonnet flanked by spectacular LED headlights and aggressive looking rear that is further complemented by the large diffuser. Although the car doesn’t have the roar of a thumping V8, the alluring design of the Croat still makes you stop and stare at it. Rimac has fitted the Concept One with a unique powertrain that is divided into four sub-systems. This powertrain belts out a staggering 1224 BHP and maximum torque of 1600 Nm. Even after being an electric supercar, the Concept One weighs just 1850 kg and can reach a 100 km/h mark from a standstill in just 2.5s, and can further go up to a top speed of 355 km/h. The geeks at the Croatian headquarters didn’t just make the car to be fast in a straight line but made it capable of harnessing all the power into the corners too. The all-wheel torque vectoring keeps the car planted at blazing speeds in the corners and can also brake the inside wheels to provide a sort of pivot movement for faster cornering. The battery pack is designed to deliver 1MW of power during acceleration and to absorb 400 kW during braking. The infotainment system features a new and intuitive design to show the telemetry data via graphs and graphics, the state of all of the car’s systems, and numerous other functions. With these exceptional performance figures, the price tag of the car is off the charts too. Costing in at 1 million pounds, the Croat competes with McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder.

Take-Two with the Croatian brand and they came up with the Concept Two. You can see the innovative side of the company with their cars, but when it comes to naming them, they don’t seem that creative. The car is claimed to be a pure electric GT hypercar that is as capable on the track as it is crossing continents. We could’ve seen the final production model of Concept Two at the Geneva Motor Show in March but we all know why it has been delayed. Concept Two is a phenomenal hypercar in every sense and the motorheads albeit being exceptionally smart, possess a very dank sense of humor. The cheeky guys at Rimac Automobili have also fitted the sonic jet with a fire extinguisher and the leather strap that holds it in place is inscribed with, “In case of hill climb, extinguish fire”.

The previous Croatian iteration just belted out over a 1000 BHP and wasn’t good enough for the tech-heads at Rimac Automobili. So they went back to the drawing board and got us this behemoth that churns out an organ shifting 1914 BHP and a staggering 2300 Nm of torque. From a standstill, the 100 km/h mark comes in just 1.85 seconds and the car zooms to a staggering top speed of 412 km/h. The Pirelli P Zero’s keep the e-beast planted to the ground and prevent it from taking off into space. Concept Two features active flaps in the bonnet and the sculpted hood highlights the exquisite looks of the hypercar. The aerodynamic design of the bonnet helps the supercar to reduce the coefficient of aerodynamic drag and slice through the air like an arrow. Inside Concept Two, you can load the selected racetrack into the on-board system via the ‘Drive Coach’ function which provides the driver with racing lines, braking/acceleration points, and steering inputs. The company hasn’t fitted the hypercar with ESP or TCS, instead has replaced it with a smarter R-AWTV system that enables infinitely variable dynamic responses by tweaking the amount of torque in each wheel.

Concept Two will also feature facial recognition like that of an iPhone, but instead, this feature will unlock and start the car. The company claims that the car is a true grand tourer and will run of 500km per charge cycle. Let’s hope that the limited number of cars that will be sold would be still functioning till the end of times, unlike their former sibling. May his soul rest in peace.