Those were the good old days when you had a key that did most of the stuff in your car. Well, by most of the stuff, I mean, opening the door and then actually turning on the car. Wait, that sounded wrong, but you get it. Slowly, the car key came with buttons and you used those to lock and unlock the doors. But then, as we got lazier, the key turned into a key fob and the slot where the key used to go in, became a button. A Start/Stop button. Today, you even have wristbands to open your can and you can do it from your phone too!!! Sometimes I ask myself, “Are we so lazy to even use a key to open our cars?” But, that is technology in a nutshell, making our lives easier.

I still remember the feeling when I used to get my Lancer’s keys from my dad and rush to the driving seat just to put in the key and crank that car up. I can’t say much today because with the Kia Sonet, I barely even have to be in the car to start it up. Talking about the Sonet, in our video, you can see the senior members of our team in a drag race. And boy, Shamoyl has the easiest task, to just press the button of his Sonet and floor the throttle, whereas Ativ is still there struggling to turn on the ignition. Push-button start is downright simple but, was twisting the key to start the car not simple? Anyway, enough storytelling, today, we are going to breakdown push-button start and tradition start for you.

Getting things started by the press of a button, we will talk about push-button start. This concept works on a very simple basis of a transmitter and a receiver. When you buy a car with keyless ignition, you get a key fob rather than a normal pointy key. The key fob acts like a transmitter which sends low-frequency signals to the car that it belongs to. Once the key fob is actually in the car (receiver), the car picks up on the tailor-made signal and thus gives the button that actual power to start the car. It is also a tougher task to steal a car with keyless ignition due to the above-stated reasons and some manufacturers even use rolling codes that are then matched by the car to start it. There are many advantages to keyless ignition, some of which being the ability to start the car without even being in it. You also do not need to remove the key fob from your pocket and can keep it there throughout the journey. Although it’s not all good with keyless ignition, if you lose your key fob it will definitely be costlier to replace it than it would have been to get a new simple key. Also, if your fob battery dies, it becomes redundant and you have to use the key provided in the fob. It is also very easy to forget your key fob inside the car or leave the car running after you get out of the car.

Now coming to the good old traditional key. The traditional key had two functions, to open the doors and to turn on the engine and all the electronics with it. Today, you can swing your leg under the rear bumper and open the car, but in the days before this was possible, the car key was also used to open the boot. The ignition key when used to start the car, goes into its designated slot, where it matches the grooves on the inside which allows the key to be rotated. Once the key is twisted, it binds the ignition circuit which then enables the driver to crank up the engine and drive away. Traditionally speaking, the only downside for this was that if you forgot your keys inside the car and the car locked in behind you, it was a disaster. But, a scale and a skilled person could solve that in a jiffy for you. But yeah, if you broke the key, it would be a very tough task to get your car to start. Another advantage of the key was that it could also be used as a weapon in emergency situations. Honestly, the key was simple and since it was the basic necessity to drive a car, there aren’t many extraordinary advantages that it provides.

Today, we are spoilt with options and it starts with key fobs. To save that .5 second, the key fob is and will be the greatest achievement in the industry. (cough!) But I have to admit that it does make life a teeny bit easier and a whole lot cooler.