MBUX (short for Mercedes Benz User Experience) has been hailed as a sort of revolution in the cockpit ever since it was introduced back in 2018. It is an artificial intelligence system that equips the majority of recent Mercedes models. It was first introduced in the fourth generation Mercedes A-Class. Mercedes has pushed the boat out with the MBUX processing capacity in the luxury cars segment.

MBUX is a system that offers you the ability to control the interface your way. It comprises voice commands, personalized features, touch inputs, maintenance, and services, and you can use whichever feels most natural to you.

The MBUX infotainment system replaces the analog speedometer from the past to full screen, widescreen displays. One screen in front of the driver, and the other in the center of the dashboard. The screen size comes in two options either a 7-inch screen or 10.25-inch screens integrated with a sweeping glass dash panel.

Soft-touch controls on the steering wheel are provided so that the driver does not take their hands off the wheel to interact with MBUX. The two touch-control buttons are located on the left and right-hand sides of the steering wheel. They are small touchpads on the steering wheel so that the driver may swipe or press to control the main touch-screen.

Voice control was introduced into MBUX with the vision of a luxury driving experience that exceeds customers' expectations. Creating a voice user interface in the car that closely resembles the human-to-human interaction was the first step towards the future of the driving experience by Mercedes. The system can be activated just by saying ‘Hi Mercedes’ or ‘Hey Mercedes’. This interaction is called LINGUATRONIC which is intelligent voice control.

Once the voice control is activated, a prop will appear on your display. Few examples of interacting with your vehicle are as follows - Mercedes can pair your phone to the interface and can read your text messages. As your home address will be stored beforehand, you can ask Mercedes to navigate to your home, by just saying 'Hey Mercedes, take me home' within few seconds it will show the best route to your home. You can ask Mercedes to take you to your desired restaurant. Mercedes also helps us park the car at the destination. By just asking Mercedes to set up the temperature of the cabin, you can have the desired cabin temperature.

The MBUX system is upgraded in the new S Class which is slated to launch in 2021, known as My MBUX. The familiar Mercedes environment is going to use a deep 3D effect with higher aesthetics. They have also upgraded the visuals for performance-oriented customers with sportier-looking aesthetics. They are the first car brand in the market who have introduced a head-up display of augmented reality functionality.

The MBUX infotainment system is improving the driving experience for Mercedes-Benz customers by allowing them to control the in-car environment,  and connect with the outside world, without ever taking their eyes off the road.