Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg is world-renowned for producing some crazy and brilliant hypercars. What started as a dream to create the best car in the world has transpired into a company that is producing beautiful hypercars that are scaling new heights in the field of performance cars. The Geneva Motor Show 2020 was cancelled due to the Coronavirus, however instead of packing up and leaving Koenigsegg had other ideas…they decided to unveil their cars via a live stream right there on the show floor! Amongst the cars unveiled were the Regera, Jesko Absolut and the all-new Gemera. The Gemera was the real showstopper and we’re super excited to tell you more about Koenigsegg’s first 4-seater car!

Yes, you read that correctly the Koenigsegg Gemera is the first 4-seater supercar from the house of Koenigsegg. The Gemera defies the traditional aspects of a supercar and is a gamechanger. Firstly, it can seat 4 passengers, 2 in the front and 2 at the back and is also spacious, practical for daily use. The Gemera produces a massive 1700 bhp of max power with a combo of a 3-cylinder twin-turbocharged petrol engine and three electric motors. With a full tank, fully charged batteries the Gemera is capable of having a range of 1000 km. Gemera in Swedish means ‘to give more’ and with this particular car Koenigsegg have certainly delivered a lot more than what was expected! Hypercars are not exactly the most environment friendly ones; they do not score well on carbon footprint. Koenigsegg has a solution for this.

Powering the Gemera is a 2.0 L 3-cylinder ingenious petrol engine which is outrageous concerning the sheer power it produces. Koenigsegg calls this engine the ‘Tiny Friendly Giant’ (TFG). With the TFG Koenigsegg has taken 3-cylinder engine design and engineering to the next level. The TFG is a 2.0 L 3-cylinder twin-turbo petrol engine producing a massive 600 bhp of max power output…300 bhp per litre is unheard of! Having already defined TFG as an extraordinary engine, it uses some really interesting tech too. A camshaft is a very important part of a car engine as it controls the opening and closing of the engine valves. There is no camshaft in the TFG instead it uses pneumatic actuator technology from Koenigsegg’s sister company Freevalve. This technology allows for the opening and closing of each valve individually. The Gemera uses electric motors to power the car alongside the TFG engine. There are 2 electric motors at each of the rear wheels producing 500 bhp of max power and 1000 nm of torque. A 400 bhp electric motor sits mounted on the crankshaft of the petrol engine, thereby sending power to the front wheels. The electric motors of the Gemera draw power from an 800 V, 15 kWh battery mounted below the front passenger seats.

On the outside the Gemera looks stunning! The car uses a lot of design cues from the Koenigsegg Regera and has a very futuristic, contemporary design. Being a performance machine, the usage of aerodynamics is evident. When see from outside the Gemera seems like a 2-door car with interior space good enough for 2 adult passengers. The Gemera is a first of its kind hypercar which can seat 4 passengers and go fast, very very fast. The doors on the Gemera are unique. The car gets 2 huge doors on both the sides which open up vertically. Once opened the doors give way to 4 individual passenger seats! A stunning feat of design and engineering from team Koenigsegg. In a car the B-pillar separates the front and rear sections of the car, the doors of the Gemera negates this need. The doors on the Gemera use a system call Koenigsegg Automated Twisted Synchrohelix Actuation Doors (KATSAD). This system allows the doors to open and close in the minimum space footprint available allowing for the passenger to park the car in tight spaces and get in or out of the car with ease. The Gemera interiors are quite a practical place to be, with good seating space at the front and rear, eight cup holders, infotainment touchscreens, Wi-Fi with wireless connectivity etc. The car comes with 2 storage spaces one at the front and second at the rear which can hold 4 carry ons. This just adds to more points to the practical side of the Koenigsegg Gemera.

Koenigsegg has been regarded as a brand that specializes in creating really crazy, awesome hypercars. The brand is known for having very ambitious ideas, visions for their cars. Koenigsegg has in their short 25-year span always pushed the boundaries of car design, performance, and technology. The Koenigsegg Gemera is another great example of a ground-breaking car – the world’s first 4-door GT hypercar.