Electric cars are more popular than ever. Recently electric cars have seen very high demand in markets the world over. Conventional cars i.e. those running on fossil fuels are still quite popular and vastly outnumber their electric counterparts. With an overdependence on fossil fuels, their ill effects on global warming, climate change, and a need for alternative fuel transportation; electric vehicles have become increasingly popular. Electric cars are more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cheaper to own than combustion cars. However, one of the most surprising differences between electric and combustion cars are the performance figures…you will be surprised to know that electric cars are quicker and outperform combustion ones. Curious to know how? We’ve got you covered!

Before we get to what makes electric cars quicker it is important to get an understanding of horsepower and torque. In layman’s terms horsepower is the power produced by the car engine. More horsepower means a higher speed achieved. Torque is the strength of the engine, the more torque the engine produces the quicker the car accelerates. An electric car produces instant torque, this means the driver has maximum torque as soon as the pedal is stepped on. Instant torque allows an electric car to achieve higher revs at lower speeds hence it does not need a complex gearbox. This eliminates the added weight in an electric car, which in turn makes the car quicker and more reliable due to fewer gear shifts. The tuning and analysis of a combustion car engine is difficult and a complicated matter. On the other hand, tuning and customizing the engine inputs to elements like throttle response is easy in an electric car because it relies on software for the same. This flexibility of performance customization allows an electric car to gain more ground on the performance front over a combustion car. Electric cars are powered by electric batteries which are rather bulky and heavy. However, this works to the advantage of the electric car when it comes to outperforming a combustion one. In a conventional combustion car, the fuel is injected into the engine via a complex network of pipes. This makes it longer for fuel to reach the engine, even after the throttle response is given. Whereas an electric car does not have fuel, it has electrons instead. Electrons are much smaller and cover a distance to the motors via electric wires at lighting quick speeds. Hence the injection of energy into the electric motor of a car is instantaneous making the car go quick and have superior performance when compared to a combustion car.

The driving dynamics of an electric car are also better suited to performance driving. The performance of an electric car along with the efficiency, financial feasibility it provides car owners is a great value proposition. Stay tuned to know more about electric cars as we make them simple for you!