When you talk about Lamborghini, people always tend to bring up the heated argument between Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari. The gist of the argument back then was that Ferruccio found out that the sportscars like Ferrari, Maserati, etc, back then used commercial clutches that were also used in his tractors and cost twice as much. Infuriated by this, when Ferruccio Lamborghini met Enzo Ferrari he commented about it and to which an infuriated Enzo Ferrari replied by saying that Lamborghini was a meagre farmer and he should not complain as he was driving one of the best cars in the world. This riff between Lamborghini and Ferrari finally led to a gasoline-driven dream to build the perfect supercar and one that would roll out of the Lamborghini factory line.  

Although the official history of the Lamborghini Automobili starts in 1963, it is important to trace it back to 1916, when the founder of the company, Ferruccio Lamborghini was born. Ferruccio was a strong and determined man, like a bull, who started his tractor factory post World War 2. Making tractors from surplus military machines was not the only business that Lamborghini was into, he had diversified his businesses and eventually found success in what he did. By the early-60s, Lamborghini had risen the ranks and was one of the most influential persons out there. A series of events led to the above-mentioned story and in 1962, the raging bull was into the industry of making supercars.  

It took one year for Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini to be founded in 1963, with a factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The same year, Lamborghini rolled out the first V12 from its factory, the 350 GTV, which imprinted Lamborghini’s mark in the sportscar history of the world. The 350 GT was the production-spec model of the 350 GTV, which was later followed by the 400 GT, which featured an in-house Lamborghini gearbox and a 4-litre engine. The raging bull for the logo is also a tribute to the Taurus zodiac sign of the founder. With a bull as the company logo, it was highly anticipated that one of the cars would also be named after a bull. And, voila, the Miura name was christened after the Miura fighting bulls. The Miura was the experimental child of Marcello Gandini and boy did it pay off. Gandini with the experimental chassis built one of the most exquisite supercars in the world and the attention it got at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show proved that his hard work had paid off.  

The LP400 or the Countach was showcased at the 1973 Geneva Motor Show after years in R&D. The production of the Countach started at the end of 1973 and the first bright-green model that was exhibited at the Paris Motor Show is now in the Lamborghini Museum. The Countach was the most influential Lamborghinis of all time and is unparalleled in fame. It also has a rear wing that does absolutely nothing other than imparting a stylish look and it took only 10 minutes to be installed on the car, that too in a parking lot. Lamborghini faced a few financial issues in the 1970s, which led the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini to sell off his company. Since then, Lamborghini has had its fair share of owners and now is currently owned by the Volkswagen Group.  

In 2001, Lamborghini came up with the Murcielago, a worthy successor to the Diablo. The Murcielago came with a 580 BHP engine, superfluous looks and mind-blowing acceleration. 2 years down the line, the brand came up with another boisterous supercar,   the Gallardo. I’m sure we all have had the Gallardo as our computer wallpaper once in our lives and it deserves to be there. The Gallardo featured a 500 BHP V10, four-wheel-drive and a top speed exceeding the 300 km/h mark. The Gallardo redefined the supercar for all of us and whoever got the chance of owning and driving one are the lucky few.   Today, Lamborghini has given us a barrage of tantalising supercars, Aventador, Sesto Elemento, Urus, Terzo Millenio, etc. All of them are special and extremely fast. If you buy a Ferrari for the polished looks and sound, there’s one company that does the exact opposite. Lamborghini gives up the most ravishing cars in terms of looks, with their sharp and angry styling. And to complement its looks, the company fits the cars with loud, fast and flamboyant engines that make your heart skip a beat when they roar. It is without a doubt that Lamborghini is one of the best supercar builders in the world today. And to imagine that they once built tractors. Impossible.