Mercedes-Benz has once again gone berserk with their flagship luxury sedan, the S-class.  This gobsmacking W223 (V223 long-wheelbase) has taken a huge leap in terms of technology and design. Mercedes has revealed a completely new bunny out of their hat and has set the tone on how the future 3-pointed-star models will look.

The seventh-generation papa Benz comes with a radical new design and has shredded away from the old bulky presence to a more stoic appearance. The Mercedes S-Class has hints of a few visual cues from the Mercedes A-Class Limousine and the Mercedes E-Class like the greenhouse, the tail lamps, etc. Coming to the front fascia of the W223, the three-striped LED headlamps have been replaced with sharper and slimmer looking LED units with a new ‘Digital Light’ system. The ‘Digital Light’ system comes with three powerful LEDs and radical features, like projecting marking aids or warning symbols onto the road, aiming a spotlight at pedestrians detected at the roadside as a warning, and projecting guidelines onto the road surface to tackle narrow lanes. The radiator grille features a tonne of chrome and the three horizontal stripes ooze out a very gentlemanly look. The bumper now comes with a bit more aggressive look that is complemented by the larger air intakes.

The side profile hasn’t been changed drastically and feels quite similar to the older model. The main highlight is the pop-up door handles that come out when the driver approaches or on stroking their outer surface. Although, the rear of the car is completely new with the wrap-around LED tail-lights with a split design. The taillights have a sharp look to them and feature a few triangular elements.

On the inside, you are surrounded by opulent luxury and a minimalistic cabin design. The main party piece inside the cabin is the 12.8-inch tablet-style OLED infotainment screen that features the second-generation MBUX system. Behind the steering wheel is yet another 12.3-inch 3D digital instrument display which looks exquisite and adding to it are the 2 head-up displays with augmented reality. The dashboard of the car is something out of a  million-dollar yacht and features new sleeker AC vents finished off in chrome to provide that extra oomph to the interior. The instrument cluster features an ‘auto-stereoscopic’ display and a unique pixel structure and a controllable aperture grille. Customers will have the option for three screens at the back, two situated behind the front passenger seats, and one 7.0-inch tablet located in the central armrest. This setup will also allow the rear passengers to enter the desired destination for navigation without disturbing the front-seat passengers and the passengers can also share media with each other without handing over their respective tablets.

The all-new S-Class comes with 27 fewer buttons and switches and will feature a better voice control that can understand 27 different languages and can also receive inputs from the rear passengers. The car also features more dialogue capability, fingerprint, face and voice recognition, as well as gesture controls for operating the sunroof and other functions. Also, the interior assist function uses cameras to track movements inside the car and can turn on some functions without physical inputs. For instance, if the front passenger reaches for something at the back, the car will automatically turn on the lights at the back. Also, the 31-speaker Burmester 4D surround-sound system will surely blow your mind away. This sound system when paired with better massaging seats will indulge you in an unparalleled state of relaxation. Mercedes has upped the massaging seats by positioning the bladders closer to the surface and thus, closer to the passenger.

This luxury sedan will come with a host of 3-litre six-cylinder petrol and diesel engine options, albeit with different power figures. The S 450’s petrol engine will churn out 367 BHP and 500 Nm of torque, while in the S 500, the same petrol engine will belt out 435 BHP and 520 Nm of torque. These engines will be assisted by a 48-volt ‘EQ Boost’ mild-hybrid system that provides a bump of 22 BHP and 250 Nm of torque in short bursts.

The diesel engine in the S 350d will produce 286 BHP and 600 Nm of torque and in the S 400d it will belt out 330 BHP and 700 Nm of torque. All variants, except the S 350d, will feature 4MATIC all-wheel-drive as standard, and all versions will come with a 9-speed automatic gearbox as standard. The car will also feature rear-wheel steering that results in a shorter turning radius at lower speeds and more in corner stability at higher speeds. The safety kit includes the standard gizmos, but the standout feature is a new frontal airbag for the rear passengers. The 2021 S-Class also gets a new suspension system dubbed E-Active Body Control. This set up comprises adaptive dampers, five multi-core processors, a camera, and 20 sensors, to keep passengers comfortable at all times. The E-Active Body Control will also feature a new safety net in the form of the Pre-Safe Impulse side function. This system will lift the car up by 8cm in case of an impending side-on crash.

The S-Class is also prepared for Level 3 autonomous driving functionality, but which will most certainly not come to India, thanks to the driving conditions in our country. But, the overseas models will also feature LiDAR sensors and an autonomous valet parking feature. Pretty cool right? Now you won’t have to even walk to your car to get in it, it will come to you.