Understanding Your Car

Understanding Your Car - On-Board Diagnostics System
With the majority of us in lockdown, our Cars are left unused too. We don’t find ourselves in need of them except for the time we need to step out to buy groceries. Visualize this scenario – you’re driving in the middle of the road and suddenly the check engine light is on telling you something is wrong with your car but can’t seem to exactly fathom where. Worse, the engine starts roaring as it hesitates to accelerate properly. Wouldn’t it be nice, if you got to know what is wrong with your car
Telematics In Formula 1 - The Race For Data
Formula 1 in its purest form is really just driving around a predefined circuit with hard corners in really fast vehicles. Drivers train vigorously on and off the track so that when the time comes, they are ready for race day. It’s a long and hard 21 race season around the world exposing yourself and the car to different challenges. Now to a race critic, this is all that Formula 1 will be ever be. But for the few that are really interested in understanding the sport delve into the logistics of e
Best Car Care Tips During Lockdown
While the world stays locked up due to COVID-19, let's not forget our responsibilities towards our vehicles, just like any other machine, they need to be maintained. Maintaining our vehicles has a long list of advantages that are very underrated including the reliability of the vehicle in the longer run, better resale values, extended vehicle life, and so on. This doesn't apply only for the lockdown period but let’s keep them in practice even after the lockdown. Here are things that every motori
Understanding Your Car - Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Driving a car is part and parcel of daily life for a lot of people across the globe. Cars have 2 types of transmissions – Manual and Automatic. Sales of automatic cars have seen a very rapid and increasing rise in recent times. The increase in traffic, changes in perception of the automatic transmission, and improvement of technology are some of the key factors that have led to an increase in this demand. There are majorly 3 types of automatic gear transmissions widely used across cars – Torque
Understanding Your Car - Drag Reduction System (DRS)
Motorsport has been at the very forefront of a lot of new technology and innovation for the entire car industry. Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and automotive performance. F1 is the biggest proving ground for performance-enhancing technology and innovation. An F1 car has a lot of tech, systems, and modifications that allow the driver to reach lightning fast speeds while pushing the cars to their limit. DRS is one such technology that aids the driver in driving faster. Let’s find out mor

7 Chakras of AutoGuru

Root Chakra - Simplicity
Simplicity is at the core of what AutoGuru stands for. AutoGuru wants to make cars simple and easy to understand for all stakeholders of the car and motorsport industry.
Sacral Chakra - Direct Open Communication
AutoGuru keeps and maintains direct open communication with all its customers, stakeholders and readers.
Solar Plexus - Transparency
AutoGuru believes in transparency with regard to the communication delivered to its customers and readers. The content created, brand communication and message delivered by AutoGuru are transparent and crystal clear.
Heart Chakra - Neutrality
The content created and communicated delivered by AutoGuru is neutral and without any bias to any OEM, OES, service provider, motorsport team, race driver, IP etc.
Throat Chakra - Honesty
AutoGuru is true and honest about all opinions, suggestions and thoughts provided via its content or brand communication.
Third eye chakra - In Depth Knowledge and Research
AutoGuru conducts in depth research based on extensive knowledge about the content created for its customers and readers alike.
Crown Chakra - Guidance and Expert Advice for Customers
AutoGuru believes in being a part of the end to end journey of its customers by directing them through the process of buying a car, keeping their requirement as top priority. AutoGuru being an expert in the automotive domain is always available to resolve all car related queries.

Latest News

Importance Of The F1 Safety Car
In the high-octane world of Formula One racing, the safety of the drivers and the marshals is a top priority. Protocols require the marshals to wave the yellow flag in case of an accident. It signals the drivers to slow down on the track. However, on several occasions, the yellow flag is not enough thereby making the F1 safety car deployment a necessity. The safety car was used for the first time at the Canadian Grand Prix in 1973. A Porsche 914 was called in, because of various incidents. Unfo
A Guide To Measures Taken By Team Kshatriya To Curb Accidents
The risk of injury in Motorsport is very high. With drivers driving their cars at breakneck speeds flying into sharp turns, steep gradients, or pushing their cars to the very speed limit on straights…the risk of injury remains very high. In Motorsport the difference between safety and a fatality is often just a split second! The safety features of track competitions like – F1, WEC, GT Series, etc. are well known. We will give you a guide on how a BAJA SAE team makes their car safe and protects t
The Supercar Fleets Of UAE Police
The UAE is the land of luxury and opulence. Grandeur is everywhere and living the high life is routine. While in the UAE you can be certain of seeing loads of supercars! It comes as no surprise that the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have some of the highest concentration of supercars globally. If you were to take a guess who the owners of supercars in the UAE would be…your answer would be the usual suspects – HNIs, celebrities, royalty, etc. There is a rather unusual one you have missed out on –
The Importance Of Carbon Fiber In Cars
What is Carbon Fiber? Carbon fiber is a super-strong, lightweight composite material. Engineers and designers love it because its five times as strong as steel, two times as stiff and weighs about two-thirds less. it is believed to be a new age, space-grade material, but it actually roots back to Thomas Edison, who in 1879 invented first incandescent light bulbs, by heating cellulose threads until they carbonized into filaments for his light bulbs. Carbon Fiber is made up of very thin strands
Mahindra Racing - Making India Proud At Formula E
Indian Motorsport has been on an upward trajectory over the past few years. We can finally see young aspiring Indian drivers making their mark on the global Motorsport circuit. It is not only drivers that are making India proud, Indian race teams like IIT Bombay Racing and Pravega Racing are amongst the best college racing teams in the world. Force India was the first Indian owned race team to participate in Formula One in 2008. Owing to financial issues in 2018, Lawrence Stroll owned Racing Poi


Ativ Shah
Ativ found his love for cars at a very young age. What started off as a hobby of playing with dinky cars soon transpired to collecting model cars. Those who know him well can agree if there is anything he loves apart from family and friends it is cars!
Ativ has a marketing and business development background having worked in the IT, sport and education industries. Starting his career with IT firm Sundaram Technologies serving the pharmaceutical industry, he then went on to work for Sports For All (SFA). At SFA he worked very closely with schools and educational institutes across the country and also got a chance to work in one of India’s largest sport events. Though he is not an engineer by education, Ativ is technically sound when it comes to everything related to cars! At AutoGuru, Ativ is responsible for content and marketing. An avid learner and a keen reader he has a vision for making the car, motorsport industry simple and transparent for all stakeholders.
Jash Shah
As a young boy fuelled with immense passion for cars, Jash always found the sound of engine to be more soothing than any other music to his ears.
His journey revolves around the auto industry, engulfing knowledge about a vast array of touchpoints to garner in-depth insights. With Automobile Research being his core strength, he is currently working as an Investment Analyst at Val-Q. He is a former employee of J.M. Financials where he was working as an Equity Research Analyst for automobile and banking sector. He started his career at Deloitte, closely understanding Risk Assurance. He is an MBA from a B-School, but always with A-grades!
Passion and perseverance are his strongest virtues. He’s the one who promises order in a world of chaos. A go-getter by nature, his role at AutoGuru involves administration and execution.

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The world’s first speeding ticket was issued in 1902