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Michelin Group
What comes to your mind when you hear the word – Tyre, Tire or Wheel depending on which part of the globe you are reading this article? The image would be a black compound stuck on a vehicle. But, if you are told to name a brand that is associated with the word Tyre, then your first answer most probably would-be Michelin. Michelin is world’s biggest tyre company in all terms, be it market share, volume or products. The French brand is known to make the best tyres for a wide range of automobiles
Team Kshatriya: Brake Assembly
Team Kshatriya are one of the best teams to compete in BAJA SAE INDIA, consisting of a number of highly skilled and productive individuals. They have competed for many years in the competition and in the last year finished the race with a commendable 51st rank out of 429 participating teams. Today, we are going to talk about a very crucial component of their off-roader, brakes. They are one of the few teams that build their own braking systems in the competition. Talk to any motorsport team a
Venturi Automobiles
Monaco is famous for almost everything including the luxurious lifestyle that people have adopted there. From the F1 to super luxury yachts, Monaco is a paradise for every human on this planet. Monaco is the hotspot for every rich person in the world as people from over 100 nations have flocked to Monaco owing its low tax government. Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most well-known Grand Prix’ of all time owing to the star-studded audience that comes to have a piece of the Formula 1 action. Apart
Groupe PSA – The French Biggie!
What do you think is famous in France apart from the Eifel Tower, the magnificent Alps and the much regarded “French Kiss on Eifel Tower” moment? The long comfy, status symbol – Limousine. Yes, the Limo originated from France. We at AutoGuru somehow manage to connect anything with automobiles, don’t we? Today we will be talking about Groupe PSA, the French automotive biggie, which is the 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe and the 11th largest in the world. History Peugeot originally s
Renault's dominance of F1
Today, we have Alonso back to the Alpine F1 team (previously known as Renault F1 team) and fans could not have been more ecstatic. The legend has returned and will partner up with the very talented Esteban Ocon for the 2021 season. Renault has been in the game since 1977 as both an engine supplier and a constructor. 1977 was the year when the company got the turbo engine into Formula 1 in the Renault RS01. Turbo power was not fine-tuned when it was first introduced, but eventually, over the y

7 Chakras of AutoGuru

What we stand for

Root Chakra - Simplicity
Simplicity is at the core of what AutoGuru stands for. AutoGuru wants to make cars simple and easy to understand for all stakeholders of the car and motorsport industry.
Sacral Chakra - Direct Open Communication
AutoGuru keeps and maintains direct open communication with all its customers, stakeholders and readers.
Solar Plexus - Transparency
AutoGuru believes in transparency with regard to the communication delivered to its customers and readers. The content created, brand communication and message delivered by AutoGuru are transparent and crystal clear.
Heart Chakra - Neutrality
The content created and communicated delivered by AutoGuru is neutral and without any bias to any OEM, OES, service provider, motorsport team, race driver, IP etc.
Throat Chakra - Honesty
AutoGuru is true and honest about all opinions, suggestions and thoughts provided via its content or brand communication.
Third eye chakra - In Depth Knowledge and Research
AutoGuru conducts in depth research based on extensive knowledge about the content created for its customers and readers alike.
Crown Chakra - Guidance and Expert Advice for Customers
AutoGuru believes in being a part of the end to end journey of its customers by directing them through the process of buying a car, keeping their requirement as top priority. AutoGuru being an expert in the automotive domain is always available to resolve all car related queries.

Understanding Your Car

VW Modular System
Sometimes when we talk about cars, we use acronyms such as MQB, MLB and MEB, but why? And what do they mean? All these acronyms belong to the Volkswagen Group and the platforms that they use across the range of brands under the group. Before we go any further we should talk about what are modular platforms? Modular designs or product platforms are a form of building a broader portfolio for the customers, including niche products, by putting in fewer efforts and maximizing profits. Modular platfo
IIT-Bombay Racing Team - Radiators
Today when we talk about IIT- B and its students, we all directly jump to the conclusion that it is the most prestigious college in India and every student there has the potential to make a mark in the world. With this said, the IIT-B racing team had to be one of the best in the country and currently are living up to their reputation. The IIT-B team is the first in India to use an electronic differential and also holds the highest rank in the Formula Student UK as an Indian team. So we know that
Understanding Your Car: Paddle Shifters
So here we are in a time when slowly manual transmission cars are dying out and customers and manufacturers are both shifting to automatic gearboxes. Is this a world we want our children to grow up in? As a true car enthusiast will say, manual cars are more engaging and who even drives an automatic car? And why the torture? But traffic is increasing. Cars are being reprimanded of free spaces to stretch their legs, every country doesn’t have an Autobahn and hence automatics have started to make s
Mercedes-Benz MBUX: Bringing The Driver and Car Infotainment Closer Than Ever
MBUX (short for Mercedes Benz User Experience) has been hailed as a sort of revolution in the cockpit ever since it was introduced back in 2018. It is an artificial intelligence system that equips the majority of recent Mercedes models. It was first introduced in the fourth generation Mercedes A-Class. Mercedes has pushed the boat out with the MBUX processing capacity in the luxury cars segment. MBUX is a system that offers you the ability to control the interface your way. It comprises voice c
Understanding Your Car - Disc Brakes
Driving is a very complex process. It requires a lot of concentration, coordination, situational awareness, swift decision making. Braking is one of the most crucial elements of driving. The brakes help control the speed of the car by slowing the car down, either to the desired speed or to a complete stop. The brakes are present on both the front and rear brakes of the car. There are two types of brakes which are generally used in cars – drum brakes and disc brakes. We will be telling you more a


Ativ Shah
Ativ found his love for cars at a very young age. What started off as a hobby of playing with dinky cars soon transpired to collecting model cars. Those who know him well can agree if there is anything he loves apart from family and friends it is cars!
Ativ has a marketing and business development background having worked in the IT, sport and education industries. Starting his career with IT firm Sundaram Technologies serving the pharmaceutical industry, he then went on to work for Sports For All (SFA). At SFA he worked very closely with schools and educational institutes across the country and also got a chance to work in one of India’s largest sport events. Though he is not an engineer by education, Ativ is technically sound when it comes to everything related to cars! At AutoGuru, Ativ is responsible for content and marketing. An avid learner and a keen reader he has a vision for making the car, motorsport industry simple and transparent for all stakeholders.
Jash Shah
As a young boy fuelled with immense passion for cars, Jash always found the sound of engine to be more soothing than any other music to his ears.
His journey revolves around the auto industry, engulfing knowledge about a vast array of touchpoints to garner in-depth insights. With Automobile Research being his core strength, he is currently working as an Investment Analyst at Val-Q. He is a former employee of J.M. Financials where he was working as an Equity Research Analyst for automobile and banking sector. He started his career at Deloitte, closely understanding Risk Assurance. He is an MBA from a B-School, but always with A-grades!
Passion and perseverance are his strongest virtues. He’s the one who promises order in a world of chaos. A go-getter by nature, his role at AutoGuru involves administration and execution.

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The world’s first speeding ticket was issued in 1902

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